2016: The Year I stopped Blogging and Investing

I thought it was about time to bring out of the ol’ keyboard and start typing away. It’s been long overdue. As such, you would think I’d start by telling you about all the things we’ve been doing as bookkeeper (me) and CEO/President (Megan) of Fitzgerald Finance. Instead, I’ll share what we haven’t been doing: Blogging or investing. The reason … [Read more…]

The Curse of Starting With a High Income

Imagine you’re a new college graduate interviewing for your first job. You go through the normal process of meeting with recruiters, overinflating (read: lying) your strengths and downplaying (read: lying) your weaknesses. After some time you get the worst question ever: What salary range are you looking for? What does your twenty-two-year-old self say? Are … [Read more…]